Montana Auction License

Montana Auction License

Think about running a business in MT by selling cars and making a profit? Well, it is a good decision, but let’s figure out whether it is easy to carry out? Yes, but only when you have Montana Auction License.

Interestingly, it opens up a range of opportunities for you in your career. That is, it makes entering trader trades possible. Likewise, you are allowed to bid on cars and do wholesale and retail sales.

So, to get permits you should comply with some requirements. Regardless of the permission type, dealers need to present payment of sales taxes. To go deeper into the other essential points concerning applying process, continue reading.

Getting an Auction License in MT

Typically, before complying with licensure needs, you should first consider permit type. As a rule, depending on the auto class, the permit could vary. Being an authorized dealer empowers you to resell autos at retail prices.

Accordingly, let’s see what steps you should take to be eligible for auction permission.

  • Firstly select the type of dealer permission you are to apply for. In addition, there exist about five types offered by Montana Division. Among them are wholesale, used, auto dealers, etc.
  • Secondly, apply for your business registration. Once you fill in the documentation required, you may visit the Secretary of State to receive the registry. Another facility to go to is the MT Department of Revenue, where you have to pay taxes.
  • Thirdly, you should purchase an appropriate business location, or so-called dealership, to display automobiles and maintain records. Note, that having a dealership name as a sign is compulsory. Installing working hours on notice and possessing suitable equipment, like a printer are also required.
  • The next and important step is to acquire a surety bond. Importantly, it protects potential customers from illegal actions and violations made by sellers. Besides, it proves that they have met all the state rules and regulations.
  • Sending the application (MV25) along with the documentation and fees needed is your next step to take.
  • Lastly, be sure to have an insurance policy and pass dealership inspection.

Renewing MT Auction License

Before permission expires, be ready to renew it once a year. To start with, you should follow the renewal schedule, which could vary each year. In addition, this schedule consists of four quarters.

Consequently, you would find yourself in one of these quarters. So according to the annual schedule, you must present a suitable application with fees.

Note, that you have the opportunity to make some changes to your Form, like changing your phone number, business name, address, etc. Just inform Vehicle Services Bureau when you change something. The charge is $103.

Once the renewal form is ready, send it with charges to the address below:

Title and Registration Bureau
Motor Vehicle Division
1003 Buckskin Drive
Deer Lodge, Montana 59722-2375

Charges and Applicable Fees

The payment of the fee for authorization is $515. Additionally, you should pay an extra $35 for seller tags. An additional $15 is needed for demo numberplates.

How long does it take to receive an auction license in Montana?

When you have sent the form successfully, and the Department has approved it, you should wait for no more than two or three weeks to receive the licensure.

Application Requirements

As mentioned above, people are not eligible to sell autos, like trucks, busses, and motorcycles, unless they carry licensure. Accordingly, you have to complete an application.

After investigating and examining it in detail, the Motor Vehicle Division may accept or reject it. Consequently, the common cases of refusal are when the buyers engage in criminal activities that cause dangers or increase the possibilities of violations.

Therefore, to be approved by the Department, be ready to prepare the following:

  • Surety bond along with the payment charge of $50,000
  • Computer and Internet access for Temp Registry Plates
  • Telephone-operating service
  • Insurance coverage ( showing address, company name, and expiration date)
  • A fee of $515
  • Notice of office working hours
  • Proof of meeting country needs
  • Dealership name
  • Non-residential facility
  • Inspection certificate
  • Initial permit

After gathering all the necessary documentation, submit the Form along with expenses to the address:

Motor Vehicle Division
Title and Registration Bureau
1003 Buckskin Dr. Deer Lodge,
MT 59722

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