Montana Cannabis and Marijuana License

Montana Cannabis and Marijuana License

Many states of the U.S like California, Hawaii, Illinois have legalized the use of cannabis and marijuana for adults. The requirements for getting a license are different for all the states. They are mainly based on the type of license you need. The business type that you are going to work on also has its own requirements. People who want to buy or sell cannabis or marijuana freely must get Montana Cannabis and marijuana licenses.

For now, the free use of cannabis is banned in Montana until October 2021. Montana has banned the use of marijuana and cannabis in hospitals as well. Sure, there are some expectations. In case you use medical cannabis or have Montana Cannabis and Marijuana License you are able to use weed (cannabis).

Every adult who is at least 21 years old can have up to one ounce of marijuana without any penalties. Medical cannabis is available for patients who have Marijuana or Cannabis medical ID cards.

Montana Cannabis and Marijuana License requirements

As we have already mentioned, the licensure requirements are different for every state and county. But some of them are general for all the license types.

In order to apply for a Montana Cannabis and Marijuana License, the individual or a business must meet the following requirements:

  • First of all, you must be at least 21 years old. If the business applies for the license, the head of the company must obtain the license.
  • If there is more than one head of the company, you all must submit your ID and fingerprints.
  • When you apply for the license, you must submit the fingerprints and show proof of identity with a full name and date of birth.
  • Above all, you must have a special place where you are going to cultivate marijuana or cannabis.
  • Finally, the most important factor is that you must be a resident of Montana. If the residency period is less than 1 year, you cannot apply for a license.

All the applicants will also need to pass a background check before they will submit an application. The application process is supervised by Montana’s Department of Revenue.

Business License Types for Marijuana and Cannabis Producers

When applying for a Marijuana and Cannabis business license in Montana, you must first decide on what type of license you need. Mainly, there are three types of business licenses:

  • The first type of business license is Dispensary License. It is a kind of medical institution where people cultivate cannabis and later sell them. The dispensaries cannot make any products from cannabis/marijuana. The state law requires them to follow the strict track of product’s security and hire only professionals.
  • The second type is Provider’s License. The businesses and individuals that cultivate cannabis on their territory can apply for a Provider’s License. The “Provider’s License” helps the business not only to sell the cannabis to dispensaries but also to make products from them.
  • Above all, the customers require the business to produce a good quality product. Thus, the testing labs are in high demand. They generally test and control the quality of the products. In Montana, the labs analyze the content of the product and the level of the water in it. You can ask for more characteristics when you give the product to the lab. Only people who have a medical degree can open a testing lab in Montana.

Whenever you feel that you don’t want to cultivate or sell cannabis, you can get into the business otherwise. For instance, you can help the companies with app development, accounting and make their cultivation system automated. You can as well offer security services or other services

Dispensary in Montana: how to open and regulate a dispensary

As we have already mentioned, Montana has applied a law that legalizes marijuana and cannabis. Thus, many medical dispensers can be eligible to grow and sell cannabis and marijuana. They will only need to meet the state requirements. The applications will be open from the 1st of October.

The Department will approve or refuse the application in a 30 day period. For Oct 2021-Oct 2022, only the current dispensaries can get the license.

The current law requires the dispensaries to have three types of separate licenses:

  • The canopy license
  • Cultivation license
  • Dispensary license

In fact, the dispensaries cannot manufacture any goods from cannabis or marijuana. They are only allowed to cultivate their own. If you want to manufacture goods you will need a manufacturer’s license.

Individuals and businesses can sell their cannabis or marijuana and get 50% of their total record. Outsourcing is also available if the contractor meets all the state requirements.

In Montana, you cannot sell your license. You can sell only the business.

Fees for Montana Cannabis and Marijuana Licensure

In order to get a license to produce and sell marijuana and cannabis, you must not only meet the requirements. You will also need to make some payments. The fees for licensure are different based on the type of license.

Whenever you want to apply for a cannabis license in Montana you will need to pay $50 for the application. The dispensary license fee is $500. If you are going to cultivate marijuana for about 10 people you will need to pay $1000.

Dispensaries that will have up to 49 people will pay $2500. If the number of patients is more than 50 the license fee is $5000.

Individuals can grow up to 2 plants of marijuana and cannabis on their territory.

In Montana, adult residents can plant no more than 2 plants of marijuana and cannabis on their territory. While with a medical license, the businesses can plant no more than 4 plants.

An individual who has a license can get no more than one ounce of weed (marijuana or cannabis) during a month. However, he can buy up to 5 ounces if later he won’t sell it to another person.

Medical Program for Cannabis and Marijuana

In Montana, medical cannabis/marijuana is legal for now. However, those who want to plan and sell the weed must apply and get the qualification. People who want to apply for the medical program must meet the following requirements:

  • They must be at least 21 years old.
  • The applicant mustn’t be convicted of any crime.
  • The medical program requires the applicants to have a degree in a related field.

The medical program also gives cards for the free use of marijuana and cannabis for dispensary patients. People who need to get the medical card must first fill in the application form, provide their ID, and make a payment of $30. Generally, cards are valid for a year. The patient will also need to show a form signed by the physician.

People who have a medical card for cannabis cannot drive a car or work in such fields as firefighting, law enforcement, etc.

Who can get a medical card for using marijuana?

People who have the conditions below can apply for a medical card in Montana:

  • The patients must have a paper showing he/she needs hospice care
  • The wasting syndrome and cachexia are also qualifying criteria
  • Patients with cancer can freely apply for a medical card
  • If someone has a central nervous system disorder and that results in spam and chronic pain
  • He/she should have Crohn’s disease or Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy patients with some restrictions can get a medical card to use marijuana and cannabis

Other diseases that are eligible for a Montana Marijuana and Cannabis Medical Card are:

  • Nausea
  • Sclerosis
  • Neuropathy (mainly peripheral)
  • PTSD/ Post-traumatic stress disorder.

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