Montana Liquor License

Montana Liquor License

Have you ever thought of acquiring a Montana liquor license? You’ve definitely been wondering what requirements and qualifications you’ll need to meet. Whether it’s for opening your liquor store or bar/restaurant, we’ve got you.

We’ve gathered all the necessary info in one place to help you avoid extra work, endless research, and constant confusion. So, if you want to appear in the Montana liquor license lookup results, make sure to follow along with this article. You will learn about the types of licenses needed, fees and payments, and other necessary info.

First of all, let’s understand the prices.

How much is a liquor license in Montana?

It actually depends on exactly what type of license you want to acquire. For example:

  • The annual cost for a restaurant beer and wine license is $400
  • The new brewery license fee is around $500, and so on.

For more information feel free to visit the Montana Department of Revenue.

It’s important to notice that the price also depends on how much the market is worth.

What is a Class H liquor license?

If you’ve ever searched for ‘liquor license entity search Montana’, you’ve definitely come across multiple types and classifications for it. Let’s find out what a Class H Montana liquor license is.

By acquiring this license, you’re allowed for co complimentary dispensing of beer, wine, sparkling alcoholic beverage at a retail establishment without another liquor license, where the service is incidental and complementary to the operations of the business. Note that the dispensation of alcoholic beverages must be supervised by a full-time employee. The annual fee for this license is $250.

All you need to do is simply follow the requirements and carry out the process legally so that you can acquire the Class H license in Montana.

However, this is not all. Maybe you want to serve alcohol inside your restaurant or bar. You might be wondering whether there’s a difference, and how different the process actually is.

What license is required to serve alcohol inside Montana?

According to state law, anyone who wants to serve alcohol in Montana has to be trained by a state-approved company. In addition to this, you will need license renewal training every 3 years.

Who provides this type of training in Montana?

  • Fan Favorite Course provider
  • State certified trainers

When it comes to stores, the rules for a Montana liquor license are as follows. All stores are controlled by the state and usually operate between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Liquor or other alcoholic drinks may also be brought into bars with package licensing. As for beer and wine, these drinks are available in stores between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

When it comes to required licenses, here are the main types:

  1. Class A type allows serving fully in restaurants.
  2. Class A-1 is for serving alcohol outdoors as well.
  3. And Class E allows clubs to serve inside.

So, if you intend to serve alcohol inside Montana, this is all you need to know. In this case, as well, you can contact the Montana Department of Revenue if you have questions.

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