Montana Nursing License

Montana Nursing License

Are you looking for a career in the nursing field in the state of Montana? If you are, you likely have wondered what the claims are. You may also wonder how long it will take you to obtain a nursing license. The Montana nursing license lookup can answer all your questions.

In general, the licensing process can be complex and long. Below you may find some simple points to make the process less complex.

How do I get a Montana nursing license?

Step 1: Complete a professional nursing program

Nursing is a profession, which requires lots of training and educational background. Thus, to become a nurse, you should complete a professional nursing program. See to it that the professional program is approved by the state board.

In Montana, there are a lot of professional programs. These programs offer earning an Associate of Science degree (AND) and a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree (BSN). Not only do the programs provide many opportunities, but they also post good placement rates.

It is advisable to choose the degree based on the place you would like to work and on the job you would prefer. It is to emphasize, that most folk choose to get a Bachelor’s degree. However, there are still many applicants, who choose to have an Associate degree.

In the long run, you may also give a thought to articulation agreements between schools. Such agreements offer the opportunity to earn an Associate degree in nursing at one university and then continue nursing education for a Bachelor’s degree at another one.

Professional nursing programs include different subjects, such as Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Chemistry, Psychology and Biology.

Step 2: Submit application for the nursing license

The next step after graduating from the nursing program, is to submit application. Graduates can apply directly to the Montana Board of Nursing.

Here you may find the contact information:

Mailing Address

Board of Nursing
PO Box 200513
Helena, MT 59620-0513

Physical Address

Board of Nursing
301 S. Park Avenue
4th Floor
Helena, MT 59620

Step 3: Pass the exam

Nursing graduates are required to take the NCLEX. To take the exam, you should submit registration here. The examination fee is $200.

The National Council Licensure Examination contains about 265 questions, which cover nursing material. The exam is a real guarantee, that you are ready to practice nursing in Montana, without harming other people.

Please note, that a new graduate can have a temporary permit to practice nursing before taking the exam. If the person in question fails his/her first examination attempt, this privilege will no longer be available.

How long does it take to get a nursing license in Montana?

In Montana, the time frame for obtaining a nursing license is quite short compared to other states. From the time of your application, it will take you about two weeks to get the license. Given these points, you must provide all the necessary documents. Otherwise, the time frame will definitely take longer.

All things considered, it is going to take you much longer. Considering the educational background you need to have, you will actually spend from two to four years.

How do I transfer my nursing license to Montana?

If you want to transfer your nursing license, you should present proof of licensure from the first licensing state.

Hereby, you should apply to the Montana Board and pay $200.

How much does it cost to get a nursing license in Montana?

To become a licensed nurse in the state of Montana, you must pay these fixed fees:

  • Application Fee: $100
  • Endorsement Fee: $200
  • Examination Fee: $200

Obviously, these fees do not include the money you will have to spend on professional education. The program prices vary greatly. Nonetheless, the average price is about $6000 a year.

You will also need to buy textbooks, supplies and professional books.

In general, there are many students who are not capable of paying for education. For this reason, there are government loans, which help pay for nursing education. Only after graduating nurses repay their loans.

Moreover, if a student is of a disadvantaged background, he/she may be eligible for scholarships.

Best nursing schools in Montana

In case you are looking for a good nursing school or college to attend, you may wonder which one offers the best opportunities. In reality, there are a number of good nursing schools in Montana. They will provide you with relevant material to pass the examination and become a good specialist.

Some good examples include Montana State University, Montana Technological University, Carroll College, Flathead Valley Community College, University of Providence and others.

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