Montana Banned License Plates

Montana Banned License Plates

Recently we have been reading about a big amount of Montana Banned License Plates. For this reason, we decided to investigate the main causes why there are so many banned license plates in the State of Montana. So, if you have just moved to Montana and need a license plate or you have already requested one and got a refusal, continue reading. Let’s make it clear.

What are license plates?

In a few words, license plates are personalized vanity plates for your vehicle that carry individual combinations of letters and numbers. People usually request license plates to make their vehicles look unique. For example, some license plates display special dates or initials of the vehicle owners. It can be also a combination of letters and numbers, a funny word, or anything else. But one thing is for sure – it can’t be offensive.

Why are there so many banned license plates in Montana?

As in the State of Alaska, license plate rules are developed by the State. In the State of Montana, the Motor Vehicle Division registers all license plates. There are several types of Montana license plates – standard, specialty, personalized, or disability plates. As for Montana personalized license plates, there are a few guidelines that you need to remember before submitting an application at MVD:

  • Your license plate must have a minimum of two letters
  • The letter “O” is not acceptable
  • The combination can’t contain offensive words or such meanings, sexual connotations, meanings for body parts, etc.
  • The space is acceptable, but remember it is still a character on the plate.

What are common causes for the license plate ban in Montana?

Most of the time, the license plates are rejected and banned because of the offense and profanity. When you scroll down the lists of Montana banned license plates, you can see there are a lot of words with sexual meaning. Whether it is a word or a combination of numbers, it can’t be something abusive. By the way, some citizens often replace letters with numbers as they think they will be approved. But the thing is, a group of specialists work on license plate applications in MVD, so it is almost impossible to pass a plate with bad connotations.

Here are some examples of banned license plates that we have found when writing this article:

  • BL0WN
  • 69ROUGH
  • 0HCHIT
  • H0RNY

All these words have sexual connotations or abusive meanings. Also, there are cases when the license plate is not offensive but may be misleading. By that, we mean words that can be confusing, for example, when writing a ticket. There can be abbreviations or shortened forms of words or phrases as well that may have bad meanings.

How much are the Montana License Plates?

You can get a personalized license plate for your vehicle in Montana by applying to the Motor Vehicle Department. The fee for a personalized license plate is $25. After registering, you will pay only $10 for the renewal or the transfer of your plate.

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