Montana Security License

Montana Security License

If you want to obtain a Montana security license, you must comply with some rules. Find the necessary steps and standards below.

Private Montana Security License Requirements

So, here are the main requirements to obtain a private guard certificate. Above all, they must:

  • Be 18 years old (or older)
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a contract with a company in the field
  • Have a good physical shape
  • Be mentally stable
  • Not have a drug addiction
  • Not have any types of conviction

Those licensees, who were convicted for a felony or crime, are disqualified. However, if they have received pardons and restored their competency, they can still be qualified applicants.


Also, special training is essential. It is possible to receive from the contract company.

It is essential for unarmed guards to be well aware of laws and regulations on arresting. In certain circumstances, they may need to have this knowledge to unwrap situations professionally.

Besides, during the courses, a lot of attention is paid to covering topics on weapons of mass destruction. Thus, during the practice, the participants get to know how to recognize different weapons and how to act in likewise situations.

Also, it is very important in this sector to interact with the public, not stereotype people, and remain neutral.

And, last but not the least, unarmed guards should be able to deal with the documentation of the events.

The requirements are a little different for armed guards. They use an additional permit. For this purpose, they attend special courses. In general, Certified Firearm Instructor provides it. The training includes topics like firearm familiarization, shooting, safe handling, etc.

It generally covers the following themes:

  • Role
  • Legal aspects
  • Patrol
  • Response to incidents
  • Surveillance operation
  • Documentation
  • First aid overview
  • Working with the public

The overall practice consists of 16 hours. There is an 8-hour refreshing course as well. Colorado also offers such classes.

Background Check

The Department of Justice and the FBI of the state carry out a background check for each licensee. Fingerprinting is essential, especially for armed officers. Those who have former convictions will not be able to work as guards.

The fee is $27.25. There can also be extra payments for fingerprinting and other additional services.

License Application Process

To start with, to complete your application, you must have at hand the following documents and information:

  • Birth certificate
  • Photographs
  • Copy of instruction transcripts
  • Firearms certification
  • Copies of diplomas
  • 3 character references

The fee is $100. For weapon permits, it is $150. Take into consideration that the fee is non-refundable.

Generally, it takes the Board about a month to process the request.

Renewal of the Permit

You need to renew it annually. Cardholders get a notice 60 days before the expiry date. In addition, you had better not let it expire. Otherwise, you might face some penalties.

You can do it 24/7 through the online system. In case you need some help from the staff, apply till 5 p.m. every working day.

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