Montana Contractor License

Montana Contractor License

Have you decided to become a handyman or launch a contracting business in Montana? You might need to learn every little detail of the licensing procedure or state-specific requirements that will lead to your authorized work in Montana.

Stay with us as in this article we will reveal the main steps of becoming a contractor in the state, the requirements of licensing and registration in Montana, the costs of contractor’s licensure, and more.

How do I get a general contractor’s license in Montana?

The whole process of licensing or registration for contractors in Montana is handled by the Department of Labor and Industry. There are two types of licenses in Montana that are issued at the state level:

  • Construction Contractor License: This license is for a contractor or subcontractor with employees who either is the owner or performs the work for a business.
  • Independent Contractor License: if you intend to perform contracting work and own your business independently you might consider obtaining this license type. Additionally, you will have a choice not to cover yourself or your business under the worker’s compensation policy.

Once you decided what type of license suits you the best it’s time to get ready for your contractor’s license application. Two types of licenses that the Department of Labor and Industry issues have different licensing processes.

First, we will uncover the licensing requirements for the construction contractor license. Make sure to take the following steps to obtain this contractor’s license:

  • Register and get your business license with the Montana Secretary of State
  • Obtain a Tax Identification Number from the Montana Department of Revenue
  • If you have employees you should purchase a worker’s compensation insurance
  • Pay $70 the application fee
  • Complete the application form

Remember to download the application form, fill out all the sections and print it. As soon as you have done those steps mail the application form along with the required paperwork to:

Department of Labor and Industry
Registration Section
PO Box 8011
Helena, MT 59604-8011

Keep in mind, that if you are planning to perform specialty trade work such as plumbing or electrical contractor work, you will go through a totally different licensing process that will be covered below shortly.

Specialty trades that require licensing in Montana

Contractors who perform works in specialty trades such as plumbing or electrical contracting work need to obtain a license in Montana. Electrical contractor licenses are issued by the State Electrical Board that offers licenses for master, journeyman, and residential electricians. To obtain a journeyman electrician’s license, e.g., you must meet either of these two requirements as listed below:

  • Completed Montana-approved apprenticeship program of 4 years (8,000 hours) electrical work; or
  • 4 years (8,000 hours) of practical work experience with wiring, apparatus, or equipment for electrical light, heat, and power

Plumbers in Montana are licensed through the State Board of Plumbers which offers a journeyman plumber license and master plumber license. To obtain a journeyman license you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have five years of plumbing experience, or
  • Provide a voucher completed by a licensed master plumber.

Read more about contractor classifications in Montana here.

How do you get an independent contractor’s license in Montana?

To obtain your independent contractor’s license in Montana, we have outlined the materials you will need:

  • Proof of owning an independently established business
  • The Montana Tax Identification Number
  • Independent contractor exemption certificate or be covered through a self-elected workers compensation insurance plan
  • Completed application form
  • Payment of $125 application fee

Mail it to the following address:

Department of Labor and Industry
Registration Section
PO Box 8011
Helena, MT 59604-8011

What is the easiest contractor’s license to get in Montana?

General contractors in Montana don’t need to pass the examination and in that way, the process of licensure will be greatly shortened. If you perform works on specialty trades such as plumbing or electrical work you better get ready for your trade-specific examinations that will be passed through the Montana State Electrical Board or the Montana Board of Plumbers.

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